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At a third of the cost of a custom paint and detailing job, 704 Wrap City can transform your large recreational vehicle or bus with a brand new look via the vinyl wrap technique.  We begin every consultation with a meeting where we seek to understand your brand, your business and the current approach to branding & graphics.

Once our team of designers and you decide upon a new approach to branding your business with the large vehicle, including layout and artwork placement, our certified installers will install your graphics so they last for years.

Your RV will gain customers for your business while carrying out daily tasks, but only if it is covered in a custom RV vinyl wrap from 704 Wrap City. Drivers may easily ignore a plain white van on the road, but they will pay attention when a creatively-designed RV splashed with vibrant colors passes them on the motorway. People will notice your branding and logo from meters away, so be sure to include your social media account information on the back panel of the RV wrap. Buses and RVs with wraps installed engage potential customers instead of your marketing team waiting for them to react to an ad on TV or on the web. Vehicle wraps offer exclusivity as you don’t share space with other advertisers - unlike when you place a promotional mailer in the customer’s mailbox.

Recreational Vehicle and Bus vinyl wraps are incredibly durable. The touch exterior makes vandalising your vehicle an impossible feat. A well-installed wrap not only maintains the RV’s original paint job, but also protects the entire body from harsh weather - such as freezing temperatures and prolonged sun exposure during the summer months. Our custom vehicle vinyl wraps protect your vehicle against exposure to harsh weather conditions as well as dents and scratches from roadside debris. 704 Wrap City vinyl graphics also protect a vehicle’s finish and can be easily removed at any time.

Have you seen some eye-catching artwork online? With custom vinyl wraps, you have the flexibility of changing and updating your RV or Bus’s exterior easily. Our immensely talented graphics team that is completely devoted to the medium of custom wrap design and can create the perfect design to meet your business’s needs.

We’ll use our design expertise to make sure you’re using your RV’s walls in the best way for getting your message across - whether it’s to advertise your company’s products or simply to enhance brand recognition.

Recreational vehicle advertising is the optimum solution for smaller, local businesses because it naturally targets the local market. The people in your neighborhood are most likely to see your vehicle wrap and convert into long-term, repeat customers. 

Our team will do everything to get your recreational vehicle wrapped as you ordered- from taking the measurements to creating sample artwork to best complement your particular branding style.

Contact 704 Wrap City today by filling out the contact form.  A team member will walk you through the available wrap options. Be sure to include any sample pictures or corporate logos in the attachment section below.

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