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A food truck wrap provides the exposure of a huge billboard, but without costing you thousands of dollars per month! It is a mobile advertising tool that grabs the attention of customers even while the vehicle is on-the-move.

If your food truck changes location in the city regularly, be sure add in your social media account information like Twitter, SnapChat or Facebook to the design so new fans can find the truck later on. Food Truck vinyl wrapping with carefully designed graphics can bring substantial exposure to your company’s brand in a cost-effective way. The use of Food Truck branding communicates the business’s particular brand philosophy while the food truck is being used to fulfill vital company tasks. The most practical advantage of opting for a food truck wrap is how it can double as a menu for when the vehicle is parked and you have set up shop.

Customize your food truck with your logo and slogan by opting for resilient vinyl wrap over a costly paint job, which can cost anywhere from five thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars. Vinyl wraps for food trucks and other vehicles used for commercial purposes just makes good business sense.

Changing your main menu item from a Taco to a Fro-Yo? No problem! Email our design team the requirements for your new Food Truck vinyl wrap, either partial or full, and update the vehicle within 3 days. That all it takes to sync the branding of your pop-up restaurant when you choose the versatile and affordable vinyl wrap option. Our design process is fast and the installation process is even faster. We will send our team to wherever your business is located to install the wrap in a timely manner - while most paint jobs take at least 2 weeks.

A custom vinyl wrap is a sealed product that oils, dirt, water, and all the outdoor elements cannot permeate! There is no need to wax a wrapped food truck - just simply wash with soap and water, and some films even self dry with no water spots! Another amazing functionality of the vinyl wrap is how it maintains the luster and shine of the original coat, years after the top-coat vinyl wrap has been installed on top. Vinyl vehicle wraps can withstand years of rough use in the most extreme of weather conditions - making it the best option for bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

Inspired by a Food Truck design that you saw online or on the streets? With custom vinyl wraps, you have the flexibility of changing and updating your food truck’s exterior within days. The reason why our commercial vinyl wraps look amazing is because of our immensely talented graphics team that is completely devoted to this particular medium of custom wrap design.

Our team will do everything to get your food truck wrapped to perfection - from taking the measurements to creating sample artwork to best complement your particular branding style. Contact us by filling out the contact form and a team member will walk you through the available wrap options. Be sure to include any sample pictures or corporate logos as well.

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