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The days of placing an ad in the newspaper or on the TV are now over. It is time to rehaul your company’s advertising strategy with a custom commercial vehicle wrap. Innovative businesses are making smart decisions to reach their audience where they are - on the road- with quality commercial vehicle wraps.

Commercial Vehicle Wraps Boost Brand Awareness

People who see your branding on regular basis will become familiar with your business and are more likely to get in touch when they require the company’s services. Research shows that mobile advertising like commercial vehicle wraps can reach up to 70,000 potential customers in the course of a single day!

Car wraps bring about brand awareness wherever the car is travelling or is parked - day or night. Repeated studies have proven that vehicles wrapped with the company’s brand helps increase brand recognition. Customers are put at ease and find employees more trustworthy when they see them pull up in a vehicle branded with the business’s logo and contact information. Employees are known to act with more responsibility and pride while traveling in a branded vehicle.

Local businesses, in particular, benefit from commercial vehicle wraps because your local customers will see your van or truck around the town at regular intervals. The people in your immediate community are your business’s most vital demographic.

Commercial vehicle wraps can customize your entire fleet and require just a one-off payment to kick-start the new advertising strategy. Your business can save up to 20% of their advertising vehicle budget by selecting 704WrapCity to customize the entire fleet of company vehicles.

What Does Commercial Vehicle Wrap Look Like?

A large vinyl graphic is applied over the company vehicle with zero damage to the original paint. It can look almost anything your business needs - it can share contact information or advertise an on-going sale promotion- the choice is yours!

Can the Vehicle Wrap be Customized with Slogan or Brand Logo?

Yes, it can. Your custom vehicle wrap order can consist of artwork, brand logos, slogans, type and even photos to best represent and promote the business to your target audience.

Take Your Company’s Advertisement to the Next Level

When you opt for a wrap for your commercial vehicle, this is basically an investment in a moving billboard for the business- at a fraction of the cost! Your business is gaining access to potential customers each the vehicle is hits the road, whether for a delivery or a service appointment. Wraps are also a low-key, non-aggressive to advertising that encourages interaction from curious customers, unlike loud ads on the TV or radio.

Is this particular exterior treatment long-lasting?

Depending on the care, treatment and the overall weather conditions, a custom commercial vehicle wrap can last up to 3-7 years. The high performance vinyl surface makes the wrap immune to vandalism attempts. Our team of installation experts will guide you on how to best maintain the wrap for maximum long-term benefits.

How Long Does the Installation Process Take?

While it depends on the size of the vehicle, the vehicle’s contours, and the design of the design itself, the vehicle wrap installation can take anywhere from one to three days. If the vehicle is larger than average or the graphics are considerably complex, the installation can take longer than three days.

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