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Distinguish your brand by opting for custom-designed wraps for your fleet of commercial vans. Get in touch with 704 Wrap City to arrange vinyl wraps for your own commercial vans.

In a recent poll, about 75% of the people said that they have more favorable opinion of companies they see advertised on the exterior of commercial vehicles, like trucks, trailers and vans. They also feel that the company or business is better established and financially successful in comparison to competitors who do not make investments in vehicular mobile advertising spots.

Another study found that 91% of potential customers on the road notice advertising on trucks and vans while 35% of the people on the road carefully study the advertisements while in transit. Van vinyl wraps are a smart, affordable advertising investment to make as they last anywhere from 3 to 5 years while expensive TV or newspaper ads have an impact that only be measured in seconds or minutes. Choosing van wraps can strengthen your brand’s identity by giving your business a professional image.

The Smarter, Stronger Design Option

Vehicle wrapping also protects the original paint job on the van and ensures resale value. A well-installed vinyl wrap can maintain the van’s original paint and prevent rust from exposure to extreme weather conditions. It also protects the van’s surface from scratches and abrasions from jewelry, car keys, or even abrasive cleaning materials. Ordinary cleaning tools like towels, wash sponges or scrub mitts that are made of cheap materials can permanently scratch and ruin the van’s top paint - all of which can be avoided with the installation of a vinyl wrap.

Remind Potential Customers of Your Business

Vibrantly-colored delivery vans emblazoned with your company’s logo and contact information will engage the potential client as they pass the vehicle while on the road. Unlike radio ads or online pop-up advertising, commercial van wraps are a low-key yet effective way to gain customers.

Your van wrap design can reach anywhere from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands of eyeballs per month - depending how often and how far the van fleet travels. Your business is gaining access to potential customers each the vehicle is hits the road, whether for a delivery or a service appointment.

Maintain Consistent Company Branding

We can match your brand’s specific Pantone color and existing artwork with each newly-ordered custom vinyl wrap design. We can even send you a printed sample before we begin work in the studio. Our team uses the latest in print technology to ensure color consistency - no matter how big or small the order.

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And the benefits don’t stop there. At 704 Wrap City we take immense pride in being a leader in the commercial vehicle wrap industry. With a commitment to excellence, we deliver the custom high-quality designs that your company requires for maximum impact. Always on time and within budget, we have a vehicle wrap for every occasion. Our team has extensive experience in designing vehicle wraps to meet your business’s needs.

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